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A word about Some Of The photo Graphics We Use...

A long time ago I became acquainted with the photographic work of Lewis Hine.  Mr. Hine devoted his life to exposing the disturbing practice of child labor around the turn of the twentieth century.  

To say this his work touched me deeply would be a vast understatement.

 I could not get past imagining the hard life these poor children were made to endure.

I have been using his photographs in various forms for years now and it is because of them that my site is called Poor Girl Mercantile.  These children were poor children.  It's too late for me to help any of them which breaks my heart but maybe by using some of their images in a very positive way, I can give them back a little of what they never had, i.e. fun, pride.

Also, by using their images, it is my hope that they won't be forgotten.  

After all they went through, forgetting about them would just add insult to their many injustices and injuries.

You can read more about Lewis Hine and child labor here.

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